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CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) definition
CSS is a W3C standard for defining the presentation of Web documents. Using CSS, you can separate the content (HTML) and presentation (CSS) of your site while defining its appearance in a standard manner.

Making 3 Column Fluid Layouts added 4-30-2006
3 Column CSS Layouts always seem to be the most sought-after by web designers. To create a layout with three columns, including two fixed width sidebars and a fluid center and not using tables seems to be, as A List Apart's Matthew Levine put it, The Holy Grail in his article on this.

Introduction to CSS
CSS Syntax Tutorial
Internal Style Sheets and Inline Style Sheets Tutorial
External Style Sheets Tutorial
CSS Background Tutorial
CSS Text Formatting Tutorial
CSS Font Tutorial
CSS Links Tutorial
CSS Margins Tutorial
CSS Padding Tutorial
CSS List Tutorial
CSS Layers Tutorial
CSS Line Spacing Tutorial
CSS Layouts/Positioning Tutorial

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