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Linking to an External Javascript File

If you want to run the same Javascript on more than one web page, you can write the Javascript to an external Javascript file. Simply write the Javascript code in a file and save the file with a .js extension.

To link to an external Javascript, open an html file and insert the Javascript <script> tags where you would normally place them, with "src="file.js" within the openning tag.

In the following example, I will link the html file to an external Javascript file that will make the background yellow and write the text "Free-Javascript-Tutorial.com"

<script language="javascript" src="your-external-javascript-file.js">


Save the html file. Now open another file and write the following Javascript without the openning and closing <script> tags and save the file with a ".js" extenstion:

document.bgColor = "yellow";

To view the page that this Javascript code example produces, click Javascript Code Example

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